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According to the findings, majorly "Adult Learn by Doing", the workshops are so meticulously designed in order to ensure maximum exposure to practical learning. Subjecting the participants for strenuous lab sessions instead of more theory and presentations in the workshop for quality learning.

Wherein, lab sessions with continuous mentoring will assist the participants for better implementation of the technology. This helps the participant to know more about the glitches of the learned technology and the solution to resolve.

The effectiveness of the workshop can be distinguished clearly when there are less number of participants and delivered at the clients workstation.

Some of the major industry required and accepted workshops are

Soft Skills Workshops
  • 'Focus on Selling'
  • 'Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills'
  • Negotiation skills using 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming' (NLP)
  • Enhancing 'Self-Esteem and Confidence To Become Excellent Performer'
  • Increase 'Your Productivity At Work'
  • 'Fundamentals Of Management' - Planning, Time, Controlling, Coordinating etc.,

Technical Workshops
  • Cloud Computing
  • Modelling in Software Engineering
  • Collaborative Teaching of Globally Software Development
  • Formal Methods in Software Engineering: Rigorous and Agile Approaches
  • Integrating Enterprise Applications with Spring Technology
  • Automation of Software Testing
  • Developing Tools as Plug-ins
  • Dojo Web Works